StrangeDog is a nomadic troupe intent on creating new plays for both avid theatre-lovers and people who mistakenly think they don't like plays.

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 Robert Grant Bradshaw

Rob is a director, arts manager, and acting coach working in the Greater New York area. He currently holds a Bachelors in Theatre Studies and a Masters in Arts Management from Montclair State University. He has been recognized by The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, The Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, and The National Partners American Theatre for excellence as a director and acting coach. Directing credits include the original production of Spilling Stuff and Breaking Things at the L. Howard Fox Studio Theatre, Parallel Lives at the Paramount Theatre, and the Grand re-opening production of the historic Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, Attention Span of a Fly. As an arts manager, he has worked with The American Place Theatre in NYC, Centenary Stages and Performing Arts Guild, and the Highland Regional Playhouse/Park Players.

Bobby Tucker

Bobby's contribution to Strangedog. began in the Spring of 2008. Ben Clawson had a fresh new script titled Kill Your Friend, and realized "It would sure be lovely if we could find us a filmmaker, and put this script to some use." Artem then piped in "I know just the guy." Whether or not Bobby was his first choice, that's to be disputed, and never brought up. However, Bobby is now Strangedog. Theatre's frequent film collaborator, under his company B.T. Experience. Together, they have completed the short film Kill Your Friend, are in post production with another short Virillia, and plan to do a few more small projects in the near future. Bobby Tucker graduated from Montclair State University in 2008 with several Dean's List Honors. His student films have appeared in several student film festivals, including Honorable Mention for his film Conscience, at the New Jersey Young Film & Videomakers Festival in Jersey City, NJ. He also recieved the 2007 Avid Academic Award which included a grant that went towards his senior thesis project--a feature length film, in which he wrote and directed, titled Moments. While in college, he interned for director Terri Randall on projects for the History Channel, NOVA scienceNOW for PBS, and other independent works. Through that internship, he also worked with Kirk Wolfinger and his production company Lone Wolf on the same NOVA project. He also worked with Marta Harasymowicz as editor for her company black n' red productions on the mini documentary In Search of a Dervish and as a co-editor for her short narrative Maplewood. Along working with Strangedog., he has done promotional work and DVD work for Academic Resources in Morris Plains, NJ, directed a music video for upcoming R & B artist Rasahd J, and have done various freelance gigs in the New York City/New Jersey area. He also worked for an independent film company under director Linda Yellen as a second unit cinemaphotographer and assistant editor. The film stars Dennis Hopper, Jacqueline Bisset, Chris Kattan, Katrina Bowden, Joseph Cross, & Leelee Sobieski. Other than that, he's a drummer, he drives a Jeep Wrangler, he likes beaches, he eats ice cream...oh, and he HATES Moulin Rouge! He apparently did not have a good time at the Mounlin Rouge. Show him some love with these links:
Bobby Tucker on Vimeo
Bobby T.'s FotoPage - A website for the pure purpose of showing, really. -

Colleen Finnegan

Colleen is an alumna of Monclair State University. Aside from many performance credits including the TV pilot "Coming Clean," MTV's "Total Request Live" and work as a Rockin' Road Crew host for Radio Disney, Colleen has accumulated multiple producing and administrative credits. She has been working in theatre administration since 2004 and has since been part of many international performances as well as world premieres. She has produced multiple cabarets and fundraisers throughout North Jersey and has assisted on several New York City projects includingBroadway on Broadway, Holiday in Bryant Park and Broadway Under the Stars.

Brian Parks

Mr. Hoffman first produced evenings of short plays with The Montclair Theatre Project which became 12 Miles West Theatre. Since then, Mr. Hoffman formed Cafe Theatre, a company dedicated to presenting original short plays in non theatrical settings. Currently in residence at Tierney's Tavern, Cafe Theatre has produced many of Ben Clawson's short plays and most recently, collaborated with the playwright and StrangeDog Theatre in 2008's summer hit comedy Bootstraps at Luna Stage. Learn more about Cafe Theatre here.


Brian Parks


Amanda Duncan likes to make music. Amanda has performed at SubUrbia in Jersey City and contributed some original music to the soundtrack of Kill Your Friend. Check her out at