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Brian, Stu and Quinn are back. With more heartbreak, more booze, and more terrible behavior.

Virilia, which was featured in last spring's Cave/Men and nominated for a slew of awards at the Network One-Act festival (Including Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Script), dealt with Brian and Stu's insensitivities and betrayals during Quinn's romantic catastrophe. Now, in the premiere of its two sequels Virility and Visectomy, Brian and Stu get what's coming to them; what they deserve. And if they didn't deserve it, it doesn't matter, cause they get it anyway.

Spanning a decade in the lives of these men-children, The Virilogy watches as Brian, Stu and Quinn attempt to discover how to be heart broken, how to be a man, how to be a friend, and how to fail miserably at all of the above.

From Star Wars to Care Bears, cookbooks to car chases, bridesmaids to basketball, angels to she-devils and back again, the boys of The Virilogy search for something solid to hold on to...and they pray that thing doesn't turn out to be each other.

The Virilogy
by Ben Clawson
directed by Artem Yatsunov
starring Scott Cagney, David Murgittroyd and Michael Stanton Murphy

Episode I: Virilia
Quinn is heartbroken, but it's ok cause Brian and Stu are going to cheer him up the only way they know how; by behaving horrendously. It's a film too, watch the trailer or the whole thing.

Episode II: Virility
Quinn and Stu hold hidden secret feelings that they keep to just themselves about Brian's girlfriend. But they can't quite manage to keep them hidden, secret, or just to themselves.

Episode III: Visectomy
In the thrilling conlusion, Stu gets it the worse than anyone. But at least, as always, Brian and Quinn are there for him and that turns to be the worst part of it all.

The Virliogy
Tierneys Tavern Upstairs
January 7th - 22nd
Friday and Saturday
7 pm

This holiday season, we at StrangeDog would just like to remind everyone how thankful we are for your support so far.

We've just finished up our tour of We'll See Tomorrow, and we thank all those who came out. We've got lots on the schedule right now, and we hope that we'll be able to share that with you too.