StrangeDog is a nomadic troupe intent on creating new plays for both avid theatre-lovers and people who mistakenly think they don't like plays.

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TIERNEY'S TAVERN: Nov 11th, 12th, 18th and 20th @ 7pm
Tickets available at the door and through BPT here

PLAYWRIGHTS THEATRE: Nov 26th and 27th @ 8pm
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From suburban kitchen tables to a futuristic funeral parlor, a marine science institute in the middle of the night to a techno-dating service, the void of thought to the chaos of communication, the question is the progress moving us in the right direction?

Written for the New Jersey Science and Engineering Festival, We'll See Tomorrow depicts a variety of people struggling with their place in a world altering and growing faster than any other time in history, trying to discover where responsibility and the human spirit factor on this exponetial curve.

A futuristic, cutting edge, state of the art meld of comedy and drama featuring fifteen characters portrayed by three actors, We'll See Tomorrow promises to be a whirl-wind of science, madness, and whatever happens to fill the space in between.